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Car Insurance and the CoronaVirus

There are a variety of areas to consider surrounding cars and car insurance during the current CoronaVirus outbreak.

If I have to self-isolate and need someone to drive my car to the shop to pick up supplies, will they be insured?

Contact your insurer and have them added them to your policy as a named driver.

If the person who is helping you has car insurance that includes a ‘driving other cars’ clause and they use your car with your permission, they can drive your car. However, this is only for emergency use and they will only get third-party cover, which won’t cover repairs to your car if they cause an accident.

If you have comprehensive insurance and want to ensure that damage to your own car is covered when someone else uses your car, you should contact your insurer to add the other driver as a named driver to your own policy.

If I have to drive to work now instead of getting public transport, is my car insurance still valid?

Your insurance policy is still valid and you do not need to contact your insurer to update your documents or extend your cover.

If you work in one of the critical sectors listed by the government and you need to use your own car for work purposes because of the impact of Covid-19, your cover will not be affected and you still do not need to contact your insurer.

If I have to self-isolate, can I pause my car insurance?

It is a legal requirement to have valid car insurance unless you register your vehicle off the road and apply for a SORN. If you want to keep your car but won’t drive it for a while, contact your insurance provider to see how they can support you.

If I have an accident, will I be able to have my car repaired or replaced?

Insurers’ main priority is to make sure their customers can continue to have their claims paid in this challenging environment. Given the disruptions to international transport and manufacturing because of coronavirus, it may take longer to get the necessary parts to repair your car.

I drive for a voluntary organisation to help people who can’t leave their homes. Is my insurance still valid?

If you are using your own car for voluntary purposes to transport medicines or groceries to support people impacted by Covid-19, your cover will not be affected. You do not need to contact your insurer to update your documents or extend your cover. This applies to all categories of NHS volunteer responders, including transporting patients, equipment or other essential supplies.

What’s going on with MOTs?

The government is now allowing people to defer scheduled MOTs for six months; provided your car is legally roadworthy, you will be allowed to postpone your test until at least September.

How is coronavirus affecting telematics insurance?

Telematics insurance is being partially affected by coronavirus. Restrictions on travel mean engineers aren’t able to come out and fit new black boxes, so you may not be able to buy this kind of policy at present.