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Choosing the Perfect Paving

When choosing paving, there are five main things to consider:


This should link with the style of the house and garden.


as well as choosing a colour you like – do you want to have a colour that contrasts with, or complements, the existing walling of the house and garden. Or would you like something that incorporates a range of colours?


what is it going to be used for? How much traffic, footfall and weight will it have to endure?

Slab Size

In general, small areas suit smaller stones and slabs. Large slabs in a small space can appear out of proportion.


It is also worth considering how the stone will weather. The more porous stones will become green with algae more easily. Also, concrete tends to fade whilst natural stone tends to darken with weather and time.

The main selection is between natural stone and reconstituted stone.

Natural stone

This tends to have an individuality of texture and colour that gives a fabulous finish. It’s also very hard-wearing but is more expensive.

Options for UK stone include:

  • York sandstone

  • Portland stone

  • White and Blue lias

  • Welsh slate.

Alternatively, you could consider imported natural stone such as Indian sandstone. The production methods used make this a less expensive choice despite being imported.

Reconstituted stone

There are many products made of reconstituted stone including:

  • Pressed concrete slabs which are cheap and give a very uniform look.

  • Block paving, which can be used for either drives or patios and is very strong.

  • Impressed concrete is available and can be made to look like natural stone, or dyed to produce coloured slabs.

Aquascapes can provide advice on the right type, size and pattern of paving to suit the space available and the look you are trying to achieve.

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