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Crafty Christmas

Looking for something to do in the run-up to Christmas with the kids? Here are some handpicked suggestions that will keep them amused and have your home looking festive and fabulous.

3D Christmas baubles made from handmade paper

Make a 3D Christmas bauble by cutting out five identical shapes from a template.

Find out how here


Make these lovely angels by cutting a circle from design paper using the template and then folding it in pleats. Find out how here

Corking Christmas

30 fun DIY Christmas decoration ideas using wine corks to spark your creativity – and they’re easy to do too! See them all here

Paper Cone-shaped Christmas Trees

This cone Christmas tree is folded from design paper. The paper is cut out using a template and assembled with power tape. Find out how here

Pine Cone Christmas Decorations

Get crafty with your pine cones, here's a selection to get you started. Find out how to make here

Angels made from Pine Cones

Make these angels with a pine cone body and large wooden beads for the head. Find out how here

A Christmas Tree made from Hearts of Card

This Christmas tree is made from hearts cut out from green card. Find out how here