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Cut these ten things from your vocabulary in 2020

According to Executive Grapevine, these are the top ten annoying words and phrases that you should cut from your vocabulary in 2020.

Annoying words and phrases abound in the workplace with new ones arising regularly to ensure we continue to grind our teeth in frustration on a daily basis.

When irritating or downright obscure words and phrases appear in job advertisements they can actually deter people from applying according to the graduate jobs board, Milkround who found that three in five candidates won't apply if they don't understand the jargon.

So which are the worst offenders? Executive Grapevine feel that these ten are the ones you should definitely avoid at all costs in 2020.

1. Just

This undermines whatever you are saying, particularly when applied to a task you just finished.

2. It’s not fair

Using this term can sound whiny and annoying. Instead of announcing that something isn't fair, try to find a way to be proactive about the issue and find a way rather than just complaining about it.

3. No problem

Saying ‘no problem’ rather than ‘you’re welcome’ after being thanked for something implies that it was a problem in the first place and brings negative connotations as a result. "It's my pleasure" or "Happy to help" are more positive ways to respond.

4. At the end of the day

Often used instead of "ultimately" or "finally" prior to a summing up. Unless it genuinely is the end of the day and you are going to bed, using another way to signify a summing up will avoid people feeling annoyed at your turn of phrase.

5. Motivated

This is just overused to the point where it has become almost meaningless. It is the second most overused professional buzzword on LinkedIn and one of the most used words in the workplace according to Executive Grapevine.

6. Reach out

Unless you are trying to stretch to gain access to an apple, or stop yourself tumbling over a cliff by grabbing a handy shrub, please don't use this particularly annoying phrase. This vague way of suggesting you will contact someone in some unspecified manner has become a bit of a joke phrase that is best left in 2019.

7. Ping me

Another term used to describe contacting someone. This should also be binned. Unless you are a microwave or a notification sound on a phone, you should not be pinging anyone. Ever.

8. Collaborate

The definition of this buzzword is to ‘work jointly on an activity or project’. While this describes many elements within the workplace, it has lost its way somewhat and has been overused to the point where it has become a meaningless corporate buzzword.

9. Going forward

This term ranks highly on some of the lists of most annoying office phrases, partly because it is used so frequently but mainly because it doesn't really make a lot of sense in the context that people use it in. According to ANNA’s survey of 2,000 London-based professionals, it was the second most hated piece of office jargon.

10. Give it 110%

Being asked to give 110% or pledging to give nothing less than this figure when it comes to a task is meaningless and makes you appear to have paid zero attention in your maths classes. It is not possible to achieve yet it is used so frequently that it has become an overused cliche.