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Drive on Diversity

A Harrogate business owned by Nigerian-born Valentina and her Harrogate native husband, Stephen is gearing up for its open to all sectors monthly Away Day Experience; tagged DRIVE. This virtual edition will explore Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Happiness at Work.

It will be held on 31st July, 2020, from 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm, on Zoom.

SVH Inc. is offering a platform to enable team leaders and managers to better understand and deliver Diversity in all its forms, for stronger, vibrant, incorporated and happier teams. SVH Inc. has made this a free event. SVH Inc. has teamed up with some local businesses; Lillywhite Consultancy Ltd, Dr Vivien Sabel, Canned Laughter, Practical Psychology Bespoke Solutions, and The NOUS Mental Health Organisation, to explore the Psychology, Behaviour Modification, Mental Health and Wellbeing Impact of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at work for teams and clients.

The Experience will also feature Laugh Yoga from Canned Laughter, Musical interludes from Artistes in the UK and Nigeria, as well as games for personal development.

SVH Inc. provides holistic Wellbeing and Happiness at Work through Experiential Mindful Away Days. It was established by husband and wife team, Stephen and Valentina Hynes to combat work related stress and anxiety often resulting in negative far reaching, life changing consequences like Burn Out, Nervous Breakdowns, Suicide and Heart Attacks.

In 2017, Stephen Hynes, who was a Senior Development Manager, overseeing multimillion GBP commercial property projects in the midst of a recession, suffered a heart attack brought on by work related stress and anxieties. According to Valentina Hynes; “Before this, I had watched his smile dim, anxiety rise and work become a third partner in our marriage. This horrible experience led to us investigating wellbeing in the workplace. We found a gap in a holistic approach to Wellbeing and Happiness at Work through Experiences that provide up-skilling training, rejuvenating and inspiring opportunities. We use our Destination Partners (which include Castle Howard, Castle Allerton, Hazlewood Castle and the Cookery School at The Grand, York) as a springboard for creating connections to improve resilience.”

She goes on to say, that focusing on Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Happiness is SVH Inc.’s way of contributing to a more equitable society and work environment. Having experienced racism, usually in a covert form, Valentina says “Diversity is huge, it is not the one size fits all tokenism that most organisations practise. It ’s intrinsically tied to the wellbeing of employees and consequently tied to the success of an organisation”. Reports from those who have attended SVH Inc. Away Day Experiences describe them with words like; “Unusual, Inspiring, Refreshing, Relaxing and Educational”.

To book on for DRIVE, please visit our website www.svhinc.co.uk