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Driving without insurance

With North Yorkshire Police

An estimated one million uninsured drivers on UK roads. North Yorkshire Police are trying to reduce this.

Driving or motorcycling without insurance is against the law, and we deal with hundreds of motorists every year for the offence.

Officers do this by identifying vehicles when they’re out on patrol, by acting on information supplied by the public and other organisations and through ‘Operation Tutelage’.

What is Operation Tutelage?

Operation Tutelage is a national policing initiative to reduce the levels of uninsured driving on our roads. Advisory letters are sent to the registered keepers of vehicles seen on the road in circumstances where the current insurance status of the vehicle is unclear. The letter advises the registered keeper to identify if there is a problem with the insurance for the vehicle, and to put things right.

Why have I received a letter?

You have received a letter from North Yorkshire Police because your vehicle has been identified as having no valid insurance. Our database is regularly updated but occasionally there may be instances where your insurance details may not yet appear on our systems.

What should I do if I get a letter?

All the steps you need to take are outlined in the letter. Please refer to this for further information.

Do you need to see my insurance certificate?

We do not require proof of insurance to be provided. We will check our own systems and those linked to the Motor Insurance Database, to confirm that insurance cover has been provided/ updated since the issue of the letter. Please do not send any documentation of this type to the police.

I got a letter but believe my vehicle is insured. What should I do?

If you believe your vehicle is insured, please contact your insurer in the first instance and check that a policy is in place. Mistakes can be made when your vehicle details are entered, and this will cause your vehicle to appear to be uninsured. You can also check your vehicle details online, for free, by using the Motor Insurance Database service – Ask MID

What happens if I continue to drive without insurance?

Your details are recorded under this operation. The police can stop any vehicle in use on a road for any reason. During any such stop, routine checks would include confirming the insurance status covering the use of the vehicle at that time. If there is no valid insurance in place for such use, the vehicle is liable to be seized and the driver prosecuted. The penalty for the offence of driving a vehicle without insurance is a fixed penalty of £300 and six penalty points. If the case goes to court you could get an unlimited fine and be disqualified from driving.