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Find what is "Hidden" in The Ginnel, Harrogate

In uncertain times for hospitality given the challenges Covid has brought this year, owners of new bar and pizzeria ‘Hidden’ explain why they are stepping into the industry and why they believe they can make a welcome addition to the Harrogate dining out scene.

In what has already been a challenging year for the hospitality industry with many businesses struggling, owners of Hidden have taken a bold step forward and look forward to opening their doors this Friday 4 December. Proprietor Jay Rennard explains ‘owning a bar is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I felt like we needed to bring some positivity into 2020, for both myself, my family and local people. Bring a bit of love and happiness into Harrogate and show that new independent businesses can still emerge in the midst of what at times has felt chaotic. I have always wanted to have a bar or a restaurant – this is both, very boutique, niche and classy – bringing a different vibe to Harrogate – very laid back and casual.’

Previously named Porco Rosso and located in the Montpellier area of Harrogate Mr Rennard hopes the locals will welcome the new addition to the area, ‘We hope that people come and enjoy themselves and become regulars – I love talking to and getting to know people. I also hope that people understand that we are trying to do something different. Something you don’t get in national chains, a more unique and bespoke approach. We are independent – not commercial, a one-off. I’ve lived and worked in and around Harrogate for 30 years and it was a great opportunity to take it on – an opportunity I just couldn’t turn down.’

Opening literally as the UK comes out of national lockdown and Harrogate becomes a Tier2 area, joint partner Louise Robertson-Rennard sees them opening their doors as a positive impact on the town, ‘I think the hospitality industry has been through enough this year. It has been a crying shame seeing businesses fold and we think people need hope, so we are going to approach this without the emphasis being on COVID – making the experience as normal as possible. All our suppliers are Yorkshire based companies, and we have exclusive rights in Harrogate to 90% of our wines and liqueurs and 100% on our style. We searched high and low finding the best products, that have come from all round world, to give customers an experience that they just simply won’t get elsewhere.’

Serving hand-stretched stone-baked pizzas, delivered with a twist, and Brown & Blond brownies as just one of the desserts, they hope to make their mark on the Harrogate clientele. Ready to open their doors in a few days, Mr Rennard stated, ‘It’s mega and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. The devil is in the detail, and we have gone to great lengths to make an impact. We have a friendly, happy, smiley dream team who are ready to give people an exceptional experience that they will want to repeat again and again.’