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Five Great Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

Burnt the pan? To make cleaning the pan much easier, fill the pan with hot water, add some washing up liquid and two tumble drier sheets and leave it to sit for an hour. You should then be able to wipe it clean with a scrubbing pad much more easily. Don’t forget to wash the pan with soap and water afterwards to get rid of any residue from the dryer sheets.

Cast iron skillets are best cleaned without using soap. Instead, use about a tablespoon of coarse salt to scrub the pan. This will remove the bits of stuck on food. You can then throw away the salt. Rinse the pan with hot water, dry it and you are done. If you want to protect your skillet, rub a few drops of vegetable oil over the cooking surface.

Get rid of stubborn coffee stains on mugs, Thermos flasks and coffee pots by dissolving a denture cleaning tablet in hot water. Pour it into the stained article and leave for several hours. You will then be able to clean off the stains with a brush. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly and / or wash afterward.

Got a vase with a really narrow neck? To get it really clean, use an old toothbrush to clean inside the vase.

An electric toothbrush, fitted with an old brush head which you use only for cleaning, can be very useful around the house. To clean up splatters in the kitchen use baking soda on the toothbrush. Add some water to the baking soda and it will do wonders for your grout too.