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Five Ways to Optimise your Work From Home Life

Written by Sara Haggas of Hartleys Bedrooms

Working from home is no longer considered a luxury. Over the past few months, people who have been able to work from home have done so out of necessity and are still adapting to the new home working norms.

If you’re looking to make your home working environment more efficient and effective, you may need a few tips on how to get the most from the experience, whilst maintaining a healthy work / life balance. Read on if you do!

Location, Location, Location

Finding the right space to set up your home study might seem an impossibility. Ideally you need a quiet and clutter-free location, away from family life and its inevitable distractions. Somewhere too where you can physically close the door at the end of the working day and allow yourself to leave behind those stresses and strains. Easier said than done you might say!

Even if you don’t have a box room just waiting to be transformed into the perfect workspace, there are plenty of other options you can consider. You could convert the cupboard under the stairs or at the end of your hallway, or create a multipurpose room. You may even be prepared to go the whole hog with a loft conversion, garden room or full on home remodel with an extension. Whatever space you have available, even the mostly unpromising area may just need an expert eye to reimagine it.

Space Saving Systems

With lockdown remaining a key factor in our lives, home and workspaces have merged, and clutter has been on the increase with many of us living our entire days at home. From home-schooling and home-working paraphernalia, to toys, keep fit equipment and hobby resources, lots of us have by now found our homes wanting in terms of space and storage.

And as we all know, a tidy workspace is essential for motivation and productivity. Our customers are telling us that their primary home improvement requirement coming out of lock down is to install more effective storage. Hence space-saving solutions, which add both functionality and versatility to your home, will help in creating the perfect workspace.

How about creating a multipurpose room, providing the flexibility of two functional rooms in one. A fold-down desk can be seamlessly shut away as part of a wall cabinet when not in use. A wall bed can be hidden away when you want to use the room for its other designated purpose. Floor to ceiling fitted wardrobes in your bedroom, can hug the contours of your space, and prevent overflow of non-work-related items into your home working space.

Clear The Clutter

Finding yourself a clutter free zone not only makes sense from a physical angle – repeatedly trying to create enough space is frustrating and time-wasting – but it will also help clear your mind of this particular distraction. With half an eye on your clutter, your brain will spend time subconsciously trying to work out where all those items should go, when it should be fully focused on the job in hand.

A tidy space is key to the art of feng shui, The Chinese believe that there is an invisible energy that binds life together. Known as “chi” it is unable to exist in an area which is dirty, disorganised or cluttered. Accordingly, your home office should be clean, tidy and well organised. After all, a tidy desk is a tidy mind!

A Bespoke Fitted Home Study

Once you’ve identified the perfect spot for your home study, there are a number of factors which will add functionality to your workspace. In order to avoid the build-up of clutter, you’ll need a system which enhances your work activities, rather than hinders them. A spacious desk is imperative, along with and an ergonomic chair and correctly positioned PC, are really important for your health and wellbeing – and hence for your productivity.

Ensure you have the correct storage solutions too, such as organiser drawers, a filing cabinet and accessible shelving to enhance your way of working. Keep frequently used files and accessories to hand for efficient process flow. Complete with a few framed photos and sentimental items, and your home office will soon start to feel like… well, home.

How Feng Shui Can Transform Your Work Space

Feng shui uses energy forces to help harmonise individuals with their environments. By observing it, you may find working from home more productive and less stressful.

Separating your working area from your resting area is key to maintaining the balance of energy. Desk positioning is also really important – feng shui believes the doorway is the mouth of energy to a room so try not to place your desk in the stream of energy. A rectangular wooden desk is recommended, which encourages positive energy.

Natural lighting is a key factor in positive feng shui, in boosting physical and mental well-being, as well as improving sleep and productivity. So, if possible, your home office space will include a window and a scenic view to keep you motivated. The colours you choose for your home office décor each determine a different energy and meaning too, such as calming grey, clarity inspiring blue and focus enhancing white.

At Hartleys we specialise in designing stylish and ergonomic home study furniture, where every room is different according to the dimensions of the room and our customer’s requirements. If we can help you create a productive work from home environment, please call us on 01756 700471 to view our showroom or to request a design visit to your home.