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Forget fairy godmothers, it's all about the happy apples...

Sleeping Beauty had three fairy godmothers who each gave her one gift each in the shape of a wish — but not even three wishes could keep her away from that spinning wheel.

We don't have fairy godmothers, so how do we protect our children? Never fear, happy apples are here. No, I haven't gone mad, happy apples are the way forward!

My children are my world and if I can do anything to give them the confidence they need to be happy, healthy and fulfill their dreams, I would go to the ends of the earth!

It seems I only had to go as far as Leeds!

With a free session on offer, promising to help my child be happier, more confident and resilient to bullying, I didn't hesitate to book my 7 year old son and I on.

I didn't have concerns of bullying and my son is a happy 7-year-old without a care in the world, so why did I think it was important to do this session with him? The answer is simple, life is full of ups and downs, it's a fact, but if I can give anything to my boy it would be the empowerment to tackle what comes his way with positivity and confidence.

I hadn't realised how shy my son felt when he was with people he didn't know... that was an eye opener for me. He always comes across as happy and confident. Simon has a great gift of being able to connect with children and soon had Alex smiling and feeling more relaxed.

Learning about happy thoughts and how to use the juicer to keep in the happy apples and keep out the sad strawberries enlightened both Alex and I on how we can choose different feelings. Of course, I'm not going to give away all Simons secrets of happiness, you'll have to attend his next session - click for details of upcoming events at the bottom of the page. It just isn't the same without Simon, his fruit and bright shirt!

After spending an entire journey home of thinking of things that make Alex sad and what fruit he can use to change negative thoughts into happy ones proved that in just 1-hour Simon was able to make a huge difference.

I leave the final thought to my son as it perfectly sums up the inspiration and positivity we both felt

'I loved today mum, Simon is such fun. I can't believe how easy it is to think happy thoughts, but I'd like to learn more. Can we see him again?'

You already know what my answer to this was. We'll be booking with Simon for a more personal session and let's see if this bashful banana can be more of a confident cherry.

We can't recommend Simon enough, so here's a few more dates where you and your child can next get involved in a free taster session...


SAT, 14 APR 10:00

Free fun event to boost your child's confidence

Community Hub, Leeds

Click here for more information & how to book free


SAT, 14 APR 11:00

Free fun event to help your child sail through SATs

Community Hub, 4th Floor, Leeds

Click here for more information & how to book free


SAT, 14 APR 12:00

Help your child be happier, more confident and resilient to bullying

Community Hub, Leeds

Click here for more information & how to book free

Learn more about Simon here