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Going vegetarian is a great way to eat fresh, seasonal and vibrant foods. From alternative versions of your family favourites to new veg-packed ideas, we've handpicked some delicious and easy vegan and vegetarian recipes for you.

Vegan meatball and tomato spiced curry

Have a vegan curry night with this meat-free balls and tomato spiced curry recipe. Simmer Tesco Plant Chef Meat-free Balls in a Madras-spiced tomato sauce and serve with fluffy rice and coconut cream for a hearty vegan dinner.

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Speedy quiche traybake

This genius veggie quiche traybake takes the hassle out of making quiche from scratch.

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Coleslaw with chicory, apple and blue cheese

Try an seasonal twist on a classic coleslaw recipe with this chicory, apple and blue cheese version. Thin slices of Granny Smith apple add sweetness and crunch to balance out the richness of the yogurt dressing, strong blue cheese and slight bitterness of the chicory. Red cabbage adds a bit of vibrant colour, too.

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Vegan mushroom carbonara

Using clever flavour pairings, Derek uses savoury shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce to create 'shroom bacon, and whips up a dairy-free sauce that's silky smooth but with a slight tang of miso paste that helps bring an almost cheesy flavour to this classic dish

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Purple sprouting broccoli tart

This vibrant vegan Easter main alternative will bring all the best colours and flavours to your table. Use ready-rolled lighter puff pastry as your base and top with bright and beautiful veggies!

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Rosemary fries with garlic mayo

Take oven chips to the next level – bake until crisp and golden, toss with rosemary and sea salt and serve with a quick lemon and garlic mayo for dunking. Perfect for parties or simply snacking with friends.

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