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Get ready for Rotary Ride – the post-pandemic peloton!

With Harrogate Rotary Club

Plans have been announced for Rotary Ride, a fundraising event for prostate cancer charities across Great Britain and Ireland.

The annual event has been parked in the bike sheds during the pandemic, but it has now been scheduled for September 4th and 5th.

Organiser Keith Hopkins said: “We are all looking for something to do post the pandemic, and this ticks all the boxes, almost irrespective of Covid.

“Depending on the local Covid regulations, a cycling event can be organised outside, or inside.

“Every club in Rotary GB&I is encouraged to get involved this weekend, or over the month.”

Keith is encouraging Rotary clubs to be imaginative, plan and sell the idea to the local community, using social media and email to encourage people to join Rotary Ride.

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Here are some examples of how to organise a Rotary Ride event:

Riding the route on a Penny Farthing is one of the unique ways in which Rotarians are raising funds for Prostate cancer

Outside: Challenge individuals to cycle a target number of kilometres, supported with sponsorship and donations. Many people are doing their daily exercise and there has been a huge increase in bike sales. People can take on the challenge whenever and wherever they wish.

An organised event could be at a local estate, in a public park, and on cycle tracks. These are ideal for the family rides and a chance to highlight Rotary. Outdoor parties and BBQs could be possible by then.

Road cycling is great for those with experience and for keen cyclists. Casual events can include cycling from one club to its neighbour and enjoying hospitality on arrival.

Inside: At home, or at the gym, use exercise bikes and set targets over a week or a month – riding from home to Paris, London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Cardiff or even further.

Covid-allowing, you could set up static bikes at shopping centres and supermarkets, challenging shoppers to ride as far as they can in two minutes, or time to ride a kilometre.

Challenge local businesses to get involved, either outside or in their workplace.

Businesses competing for the safety of their own rides are great, and gives an opportunity to get other organisations involved such as the council, police, fire brigade and the NHS.

There are links to videos of previous rides, plus further information on our dedicated Rotary Ride page.