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Grow Your Own

During Lockdown there has been a surge in interest in growing veggies and salad for the kitchen. If your garden isn't really large enough to grow all the veggies you need or want, then perhaps an allotment would be an option. There are 26 Allotment sites in the Harrogate District, three run by the council and the remainder run by Parish Councils or private groups.

This is a great way to get children involved in understanding where their food comes from and provides a great activity for all the family. Contact with nature can increase children's environmental awareness and provide them with an understanding of the ecosystem.

In 2018 the UK Government produced a 25 Year Environment Plan, which acknowledges that connecting people to their environment will also improve their health and well-being. A study in the Netherlands showed that every 10 per cent increase in exposure to green space translated into an improvement in health equivalent to being five years younger, with similar benefits found by studies in Canada and Japan. (Source: The National Allotment Society)

Click here to download a list of allotments in the area.

If you aren’t sure where to start there are some great books available which detail exactly how to care for a wide range of veggies, fruit and salad crops so you can successfully grow whatever you love (within reason…. Banana’s aren’t likely to do well in our less than tropical climate)

Handpicked recommends:

Grow your Own Veg by Carol Klein

The Kitchen Gardener by Alan Titchmarsh

And for those who are very new to gardening more generally, How to be a Gardener by Alan Titchmarsh, a two volume set which originally accompanied the TV series of the same name, covers all the basics in enough detail to ensure you will be successful in the garden whether you are growing flowers from seed, laying out a garden design or learning to prune your existing plants.