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Harrogate Company makes History

The fashion brand, DEAF IDENTITY (www.deafidentity.com) has made history by becoming the first deaf-owned brand/business to have its own pop-up week at any John Lewis branch in partnership with The Great British Exchange at Victoria Gate in Leeds.

The pop-up week also coincides with this year's 'Deaf Awareness Week' taking place from Monday 3rd May - Sunday 9th May 2021. Customers will be able to access many designs from DEAF IDENTITY such as the Alphabet, Phrases, Logos, Sketches, Accessories, both in adult clothing and children.

DEAF IDENTITY was founded in September 2019 by Luke Christian who was born deaf but never felt as though he fitted into the hearing world as he was deaf, but also the deaf world as he was 'oral' and wasn't brought up via Sign Language.

He was always told by other people 'Well you don't look deaf' 'If you can talk then you're not that deaf' 'Turn your hearing aids up, I'm not repeating myself again!' and so, created DEAF IDENTITY as a way of mixing his love of fashion whilst raising deaf awareness in a fun, modern, and relevant way by showing the world that there is no 'right or wrong way' of being deaf!

DEAF IDENTITY uses deaf and CODA models only (Child of Deaf Adults) and has amassed a big following in the short space of time since its launch and can be found on social media channels such as -




All of the clothing items shown in this article will be available to purchase at the pop-up store. If customers wish to personalise any DEAF IDENTITY items they can do so with the in-store iPad, just as you would if you were ordering from home, online.