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Harrogate Scrubbers make (more than) one for the Team

Photo By Gerard Binks

Harrogate Scrubbers team up with Harrogate Town FC to provide kit bags for the team.

Back in the first lockdown last March a group of volunteers got together to provide over 2.3k scrubs for staff at Harrogate Hospital and were affectionally known as the Harrogate Scrubbers. Amassing a team of over 850 group members and achieving their goal in just 6 weeks, they continued to provide PPE for local hospices, GP surgery’s and dentists.

This lockdown however has been very different as group member Claire Strachan explains, ‘the team spirit of the scrubbers was amazing last year, it gave people a purpose and a means of helping the NHS. It didn’t just provide the PPE it helped people’s mental health and overcame loneliness for many shielding or stuck at home. We still have sewers asking for something to do, so have helped charities locally needing sewing support, but we still have more volunteers than work to offer.’

MD of Harrogate Town FC Garry Plant saw the work the group had done and when it came to providing the team with kit bags approached them for help, ‘we had seen the amazing achievements the scrubbers had done last year and thought it would be great to link up when it came to sorting kit bags for the team. Instead of paying an online company we have had an amazing response from the scrubbers who jumped at the opportunity to support the club. We have provided all the materials they need and to repay their support we will make a donation to the Harrogate Hospital charity. It’s a winner all round!’.

Local companies Showtime Fabrics and White Rose Sewing are supplying the materials needed, and PG Branding in Hornbeam Park have offered to print the team numbers on the bags for free.

Founder of the Harrogate Scrubbers Fran Taylor said the group were delighted to help the club, ‘It was brilliant to be asked to support our local football team and has given a real boost to some of the group members. Supporting local companies at the same time is what our group was all about. It is a brilliant collaboration and one we are excited to support. Knowing it will boost the mental health of a number of the volunteers by giving them something to do in lockdown is an added bonus.’

The Scrubbers have also been asked to provide some additional scrubs for the hospital specifically for volunteers in the hospital who support people who are receiving end of life care. This has again provided an opportunity for some of the group to also make scrubs again to fulfil the order. Janice Siddall was one of the first group members to volunteer again to help, ‘after over 40yrs as a senior nurse, now part time, I am aware of the significant stress put on all my colleagues and feel for them. Making scrubs last year was cathartic knowing they were received with the love that they were made with. Just to let the NHS know that we are supporting them in any which way we can’.