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Home Hacks that will Completely Transform your House

We all love the occasional DIY project around the home. Small touches can add a level of originality to our house while making us feel satisfied with our accomplishments. But how much do we know about home decor habits and trends?

Well, we outline some of the best tricks to use around the house to help you be your best builder! Next time you’re thinking of hiring a contractor for some work – consider doing it yourself. Let’s take a look at some of these life hacks…

Use Glue To Keep Screws In Place

Unless you have one of those magical magnetic screwdrivers, it can be almost impossible to install a screw into a wall. What with the fiddly nature, it can be frustrating and make you give up altogether. But there IS an easier way.

Next time you need to screw something into the wall, consider applying some light glue onto the tip of the screw. It will immediately be easier to install, and then you can simply tear it off once it’s in the wall. Save yourself the magnetic screwdriver!

Use Old Newspapers To Plan Your Pictures

Decorating can be a great experience. Once you have enough pictures in frames you can spend hours planning how to best show them off to your friends and family. But what is the best way to do it?

Well, try saving some of your old newspapers and cutting them into accurate sizes. This way, you can move them around and stick them on the wall with very little risk. Be mindful that you won’t be able to plan the color schemes of the pieces!

Use Toothpaste To Fill Nail Holes

If you’re moving out of a rented property, you might be faced with some unwanted nail holes from pictures. Before your landlord tries to steal your deposit, consider refilling them with a little bit of toothpaste.

Once you fill it with toothpaste, simply wipe away any remaining residue and it’ll be good to go! You might need to repaint it the same color as the original wall, but it’s a low price to pay if it means you can keep your deposit!

Coffee For Your Wood?

We all need our coffee in the morning, but have you ever thought about using it for your wood? While it’s one thing to stain a piece of clothing with some spilt coffee, we all know the problem of spilling dark coffee on our kitchen furniture.

Next time you accidentally spill some coffee at home, apply the grounds of the coffee onto the surface and gently rub it. It actually fills out any scratches or nicks in the piece of furniture and gives it a new coat of color. No need to replace the kitchen cupboard – just pour some coffee onto it!

Use Plastic Bottles To Prevent Overhead Mess

Some home projects will demand you to drill into the ceiling. Whether this is to adjust some pipes or hang a ceiling fan, it’s guaranteed to be one of the messier jobs you might take on. So, what is the best way to prevent a mess?

You can avoid the hassle of drilling into the ceiling be wrapping a plastic bottle around the drill. This way, it acts as a bib and collected most of the dust that can fall from the job. Next time you take a drill to the ceiling, you’ll want to do this!

Using Soap For Silence!

Over time, your wooden drawers can start to screech and creek in all the most uncomfortable ways. It’s a small price to pay for antique and charliming looking furniture, but what do you do if you want to keep the noise down?

Well, simply rub a bar of soap along the rails of the drawer and you’ll notice an immediate change in how they sound. In almost a few seconds, they will become quiet as a mouse!

Blow-dry Your Stickers Away!

Who doesn’t love buying new things? Whether it’s a new gadget, toy, or kitchen appliance, it’s pretty exciting to open the box and welcome it to the home. Even though this can be exciting, we are all always faced with having to remove those packaging stickers!

Before you try your luck and make a mess with it, try blow-dry it before trying to tear it loose. The applied heat will melt the glue and loosen the stickiness of the label on the product. Before long, you’ll be able to gently remove it without leaving a mark.

Apply Magnets To Nail Holes

Of course, most home decor updates include a fresh coat of paint onto the walls somewhere in the house. It might be the living room, or even a new baby bedroom? Either way, you’ll be faced with removing things from the walls and then having to put them back up again.

Of course, you can always make new holes after you’ve painted the walls – but what if you wanted to keep things the same? Well, you can put some tiny nails into the holes before you paint over them, and then apply a magnet to the areas to find the exact location of the hole.

Use Vinegar To Bring Life To Showerheads

We all know how showerheads can trickle down into a small weak flow over the years. This is due to the calcification from built up grime over the years. But what can be done to loosen them up? Well, don’t even think about hiring a plumber.

All you need to do is get a plastic bag and will it about halfway with everyday vinegar. Once you tie it around the showerhead, just leave it to soak overnight. By your morning shower, you’ll already notice the pressure has improved!

Use Tape To Hang Pre-drilled Frames

We all have our thoughts about pre-drilled frames. No expert DIYer would ever buy them, but we can agree that we’re new to this DIY game! So, you might have one at your home and not even realise it. How do you make sure you put the nails in the right place in the wall? Well, the answer is so obvious you won’t believe it.

Just use some tape over the walls to mark how far apart the nails are, then stick it on the frame! The tape will act as a measuring tool and you’ll be able to easily hang the picture up.

Zap Your Unstuck Tape

Ask any MacGyver fan: tape can literally save you from any situation if you know what to do with it. However, it won’t be able to do much if it has lost some of its stickiness from over the years. Does this mean you need to buy a new roll?

Nope! All you need to do is place your old tape into the microwave for a few seconds and see how it captures some of its former glory. Just make sure not to overheat it!

Freeze Your Carpet Dents Away!

We all know the struggle of carpet dents from over the years. Usually, they’re caused by a heavy piece of furniture that hasn’t moved for a few years: think a couch or table. Well, what happens when you move it and there are marks on the floor?

Simply grab some ice and let them melt on the problem areas of the carpet. After you’ve cleaned up the mess(!), you’ll can easily loosen it up and see the mark reduce to almost nothing.

Use A Microphone To Find Hidden Wires

Drilling into any wall can be a concern if you don’t know what you’re sticking your drill into. Imagine setting it all up only to catch some wires behind a wall? If you’re not careful, you might be in for quite a shock.

Well, this can be avoided if you invest in a microphone and connect it to a tape recorder. Then, if the microphone hums when placed near a particular part of the wall, you’ll know it’s reacting to wires behind. Then just stay away!

Fill Your Bolts With Coins

Imagine: you’re ready to get drilling and complete your first DIY project. You turn to grab your wrench but realize the bolt is too thin and can’t be gripped tightly enough. With no other wrench around, what can you do?

Don’t fear! Simply reach into your pocket and grab some loose change. Using specific coins – which all have different widths – you can fill the gap with copper. Then give it a twist and see it tightened in no time!

Gasoline Can Unclog Spray Cans

So anyone who has bought any form of tech in the last few years are probably familiar with the concept of ‘planned obsolescence’. It’s the idea that things are designed to break after a few years so that consumers buy new ones and keep businesses up and running.

Well, spray cans are some of the most guilty perpetrators of this. Never fear, reader, we have you covered! If you ever think that your spray can is finished, try rubbing some gasoline onto the tip and see it loosen up.

Cooking Spray Can Help Those Squeaky Hinges!

Oh no! You’ve only gone and run out of WD-40! The super spray can help with most things around the home, including fixing door hinges that squeak a little more than you would like. How can you make sure to fix them now?

Well, not many people know that cooking spray has the same effect on door hinges than WD-40. So, if you ever want to get rid of those annoying sounds, then be sure to give these hinges a spray for the squeak!

Potatoes Can Unscrew Broken Lights!

Broken light bulbs are no laughing matter. If one is dropped or explodes in its socket, it can be a total nightmare to get rid of. As well as having to sweep the mess off the floor, how can you safely unscrew it without injury? Well, you might want to turn to your kitchen.

If you have a potato somewhere at home, you can cut the side open and use it to help you unscrew the bulb from its place. Once placed on top of it, simply screw it counterclockwise and watch it slip right out!