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How to Fix a Zipper

We've all been there and let's be honest it's always at the most awkward of times. Check out these handpicked tips if this happens to you.

Broken Zipper

If you have a broken zipper on your bag, you can begin fixing it by removing the old zipper slider off the zipper. To do this, bring the slider to the top of the zipper. You can use a seam ripper to remove fabric stitching if needed. You’ll also want to make sure you remove the zipper stop, if there is one, by cutting it with pliers.

Once the zipper slider is off, you’ll want to slide a new one on from the top of the zipper, making sure the zipper slider’s nose is facing toward the top of the zipper. Now you’ll want to attach a new zipper top stop onto the top of the zipper. You can do this using pliers.

Zipper teeth repair

If you’re having a hard time closing the zipper on your bag or suitcase, it may be due to the teeth getting worn. To fix this, you can slightly lubricate the teeth using candle wax or petroleum jelly. Just be sure the teeth don’t get clogged up with the lubricant you use.

How to repair a zipper with missing bottom teeth

To repair missing bottom teeth on your zipper, you’ll first need to take off the bottom stop. Hold the article the zipper is attached to firmly and pull the stops off. You may need pliers to do this. Next, remove the tack at the base of the zipper. You’ll flip the bag, or whatever item it is, inside out, find the tack and remove with a seam ripper.

Now, insert a new and larger bottom stop that covers the missing teeth, pushing the prongs of the bottom zipper stop into the fabric right above the old zipper stop. Close the prongs with pliers to secure it into place. Now, turn your garment right side out and use a sewing machine or needle and thread to re-tack the bottom portion of the zipper.

What to do if a zipper pull breaks off

If a zipper pull has broken off, and you need a quick fix, grab yourself a paper clip or a key ring. Now, slide either one through the tab on the slider and you have yourself a temporary zipper pull.

Release a Stuck Zipper with laundry detergent

If your zipper is stuck, you can try fixing it by applying liquid laundry detergent. Simply apply a dab of laundry detergent to your stuck zipper as a lubricant. You’ll pour a small amount of the detergent into a dish, then a small amount of water and mix. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture, and coat the teeth with the solution. To test the zipper, gently try to unzip. If it budges only a little, then you’ll need to return it to its original position and repeat the process until the zipper is unstuck.

How to fix a stuck zipper with a pencil

If your zipper is stuck, grab a graphite pencil and rub the tip on the teeth. Test the zipper to see if it budges, and if not, bring it back to its start position and rub more of the graphite on the teeth until the zipper comes all the way down.