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How to Prank your Kids on April Fools Day

Five fun pranks to amuse your children, and you, on April Fools Day.

1. Sleepy Time Fun

If your children sleep really heavily and are unlikely to notice, you can sneak into their room after they have gone to sleep and swap their furniture around, change their duvet for a different one, swap Jack's Leeds United Duvet for Ella's Unicorn duvet, and see them looking confused when they wake up.

If you think can lift them whilst they sleep without them noticing, you can even move the children into each other's beds.

2. Bathroom Reading

Unroll the toilet paper a little way, write a joke or two on the paper with a marker pen, then roll the toilet paper back up again so they get a surprise when they unroll it.

3. Cereal Thriller

If your kids prefer CocoPops but you usually give them Shreddies, swap the bags over inside the boxes so they pour CocoPops out of the Shreddies box, or vice versa, depending on whether they were naughty or nice the night before.

4. Oh my, how you have grown

Feed them something really nutritious such as broccoli the night before and make sure to tell them that they will grow big and strong if they eat up their greens.

When they've gone to sleep, push tissue into the toes of their shoes and put out some clothes that no longer fit them for them to put on in the morning so they think they've grown overnight.

5. The White Rabbit Effect

When they've gone to sleep, alter their clock so it is an hour fast. Wake them up in a panic and tell them they are late for school. Rush them along and see how long it takes for them to notice that they aren't late after all.

This one works well as a prank to teach children to move faster in the mornings too.