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Just desserts...

From fresh and fruity favourites to the chocolatiest of puds, grab a spoon and get ready to tuck into these delicious handpicked dessert recipes.

Lemon meringue brûlée tart

Why have one pudding when you can have three?! This gorgeous dessert combines a rich lemon tart base with a caramelised brûlée crust and crisp, sugary meringues. Using ready-made mini meringues is a handy shortcut, but you can of course make your own if you like. Get the recipe

The quickest berry tart

Although this recipe is a bit off the wall, the flavours and textures work so well together. Swedes absolutely love berries, and this is basically a berry tart that’s crashed into an Eton mess to create an insanely easy and delicious dessert. I can’t tell you how quick it is to knock together. If you’re making this for a dinner party and want to work ahead a bit, just bake the pastry a few hours before, whip the cream mixture together and keep it covered in the fridge. Then, when you’re ready to serve it, add the fruit and meringues. That way, the meringues will still be crunchy and create an exciting contrast with the soft cream and berries. Get the recipe

Classic chocolate mousse

Creamy chocolate mousse is an absolute classic, and this indulgent gluten-free dessert recipe is so easy to follow. Whip up the mousse with rich dark chocolate and allow to set overnight, before serving with whipped cream and chocolate shards, if you like. Stunning dinner party desserts don't get better than this! Get the recipe

Orange & polenta cake

This delicious cake is full of zingy flavour and the syrup makes it something really special – enjoy! Get the recipe

Nectarine and basil galette

This unusual twist on a fruit tart is the perfect summer dessert. The rustic pastry is vegan and gluten-free, made with ground almonds and flaxseeds, then filled with juicy, sweet fruit and the subtle flavour of fresh basil. Get the recipe


Simple, classic Italian dessert of tiramisù. This doesn’t contain raw eggs, and I’ve lightened it up by pairing mascarpone with glorious ricotta cheese. Get the recipe