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Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

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The low maintenance garden is an increasingly popular option and can be surprisingly versatile throughout the seasons.

The more hard landscaping you opt for, the less garden maintenance you generally need to do. A large, extended patio will reduce the amount of lawn you need to attend to and cut back on some of the maintenance time involved in keeping your garden looking great.


Slabs and pavers require much less work and maintenance than decking and come in a huge range of styles and colours. It is even possible to get pavers that are stain-resistant, making them maintenance-free.


If you do really love the look of decking then why not consider composite decking. This is made with recycled materials, is sustainable, and needs little maintenance or cleaning compared to traditional timber decking, making it both a practical and affordable

option. The choice of colours has improved too so you are bound to be able to find something to suit your chosen style and aesthetic.

Alternatively, if you do prefer to stick to the more traditional timber decking, ensure you keep it looking lovely by using a sealing product to protect it. This will reduce the amount of time you need to spend on annual maintenance.


If your garden has a long run of fencing, you may prefer to choose either metal or eco-panel fencing.

Metal garden fencing is guaranteed to stay looking smart for 25 years with no maintenance and won’t rust even if it is scratched or chipped. It can be purchased in a number of colours too.

Eco-fence panels, which are slotted into existing concrete fence posts, are made of PVC and come in a range of styles and colours. They are maintenance-free and have a 20-year guarantee.

Planting Scheme

Once you have your hard landscaping sorted, it’s time to plan the plants. Evergreens require minimal maintenance and their structure gives trans-seasonal appeal. They look great even in winter, particularly when covered in sparkling frost. Evergreens lend themselves to the addition of lights too, which can create a magical atmosphere throughout the darker days of autumn and winter.

Plants such as box can be clipped into shapes which look stunning all year round.

If you’d like some colour then think about something like Viburnum which looks great year round with some varieties having brightly coloured leaves.

You could also consider plants with coloured stems which look stunning in winter. Dogwoods are a particularly popular option.

Of course, your new patio will benefit from containers that you can plant up and forget about. Whether you choose to plant bulbs, small shrubs or change out the contents each season so you have colour throughout the year, there is a huge range of options for both planters and the plants that go in them.

Avoid wood containers as they need regular maintenance. Ceramic and terracotta look great but can crack easily in winter. Weatherproof resin pots are a great choice as there is a huge range of different styles and sizes. The pots themselves need no maintenance beyond, perhaps, a bit of a wash down on the outside to keep them looking lovely.

If you prefer a more modern and minimal look, particularly if you’ve chosen the metal fence option, beaten and aged metals such as zinc always look good.

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