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Make Your Manicure Last Longer

If you paint your nails, sooner or later you are going to get a chip in the polish, but for most of us we'd rather it was later. Preferably much later. So we've gathered these tips to help you keep your nails in tip top condition for longer.

First of all, ensure your nails are super clean before you try to paint them. The smallest hint of dust, dirt, dampness or old polish will cause the new polish to peel as it won't be able to adhere properly to your nails.

Before you paint, soak some cotton wool in nail polish remover and give your nails a quick wipe over to remove the remains of any handcream or oils from your skin.

Don't skip the base coat. It is slightly stickier than the polish itself and can adhere to the nail more effectively and then adhere to the polish you add afterwards. It can also help reduce staining of your nails if you like to use dark coloured polish.

Apply the polish in just three strokes; down the centre then one on each side.

Don't add thick coats of polish. They are more likely to peel. Two thinner coats will be much more effective.

Don't forget to add a top coat. This will seal the polish and protect it. Although using a quick drying top coat seems like a good idea, the slower drying types will provide more protection and ensure your manicure lasts longer.

Water and day to day activities will negatively affect your polish. Wear rubber gloves when cleaning and washing up. Don't use your nails as tools to lever off can lids, ring pulls or similar.

To help your beautifully applied manicure to last even longer, you can add an extra layer of a quick dry top coat every couple of days. And of course, keep your nails nice and healthy under the polish by ensuring you use cuticle oil regularly and apply handcream to ensure your skin, particularly around the nail area, does not dry out.