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SVH Inc. offer Away Day Experiences in select locations within Yorkshire. These learning retreats and workshops provide fun, inspirational, motivating and rejuvenating benefits for building strong, vibrant, happy and incorporated teams.

Using the power of connections between events, they create mindful themed, learning experiences that build Happiness and Resilience, Improve Engagement, boost Productivity and reduce staff turnover.

With options at luxury Yorkshire venues including Castle Howard, Hazlewood Castle and Allerton Castle, placing wellbeing at the heart of your business has never been more fun or more effective. Whether it is a culinary experiential away day at the Cookery School at The Grand York, or one of their exploratory or sensory experiences, their themed away day learning experiences leave you with a strong, vibrant, happy and incorporated team.

Business Owners / Entrepreneurs and Business Executives, Operations, Medical, Manufacturing, Engineering, Real Estate and Hospitality teams tend to find the exploratory package particularly useful as they drastically reduce stress and anxiety, sharpen the senses, focus your team on their mission and thus improve happiness at work whilst boosting creativity and productivity. All of which leads to strengthened loyalty to the workplace.

The sensory experiences often appeal to those who are looking to promote mindfulness whilst releasing physical and psychological stress. The culinary experiential days are particularly useful for fostering optimal team cohesion, workplace creativity and employee engagement, all of which ultimately lead to increased productivity.

SVH also run a monthly virtual event, named DRIVE, which is an open to all, holistic wellbeing awayday experience aimed at managers and team leaders in any sector giving organisations an opportunity to appreciate and reward their employees. The DRIVE programme is also available onsite for teams at one of the fabulous venues with whom SVH partner.

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