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A Moving House checklist for your home security arrangements

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Moving: It’s said to be in the top 3 when it comes to stressful life events. There is so much to do it’s easy to lose track. Lists are a great way to keep the amount of things to do in check.

Many homeowners do not consider home security until after moving day but this can leave you susceptible and worried, especially in a new area.

Local Home Security Experts Keybury have compiled a useful checklist for anyone moving house.

Step one: Think about what you already have in your current home, and attempt to replicate, or improve on it. Are you part of a local Facebook group? Is your street in a Neighbourhood Watch group? Do you have a doorbell camera or a monitored alarm? Is your garden secure?

Do Your Research

2 in 5 first-time buyers rate a secure environment as the most important feature when house hunting. Do your homework before moving. Look at crime rates in the area and speak to the neighbours.

Police.uk website gives details of crimes in each locality. Visit the Neighbourhood watch website to check if your area has a scheme and how to set one up. They also have a crime map that gives details similar to those on the police website. Car and home insurance prices can be affected by postcode and crime rates in the area – though choosing an approved security supplier can reduce your premiums.

Visit at different times of the day to get a feel for the area and speak to the vendors. What security do they already have? Choose an NSI Gold approved home security installer for reliability. https://youtu.be/FXIPdmqMpW0

Moving Home: A Home Security Checklist:

1. Tidy up at your old house:

Before moving, you should tell your security suppliers. Some might ask for written confirmation. Keybury customers often find they can move their maintenance cover to their new home with them.

2. Security Cameras

The house you’re buying may already have security cameras installed. It is recommended that you get in touch with a local reliable company to give the system a check over and make sure it is working as it should be. Keybury offers to set up remote viewing on your devices and provide technical support and 24 hour call out with their cover packages. CCTV provides peace of mind as you can check on your property wherever you are.

No CCTV in the new house? Get a free quote from Keybury who installs security cameras and Doorbell cameras – if your house already has a doorbell camera ask who installed it to avoid the safety issues reported where people have fitted them for themselves.

3. Neighbourhood Watch

If the new house is within a neighbourhood watch scheme it’s a good idea to join – Get involved here. Communities also often run groups on Facebook which share ips and information. Make sure you meet your new neighbours, you can help to keep your area safe just by keeping an eye out for each other.

4. Locks

Make sure the locks at your new house meet the required standards. Police warn that every recommended euro profile lock ought to be “TS007 3 star sold secure diamond standard SS312 accreditation, snap safe, or snap resistant.” Where this isn’t the case, seek to update them for maximum security.

5. Outdoor areas

Check the property perimeter. Larges bushes can provide cover for burglars, and damaged fences or gateways give easy access. If you’re replacing your gateway, consider an intercom system with an electric gate.

6. Burglar Alarm Systems

Criminals know what they’re looking for with burglar alarm systems. No external siren (or bell box) means they can enter the property undisturbed. Similarly, an old, damaged siren (bell box), is a clue that your security is overlooked and out of date.

Check if the existing alarm is regularly maintained and if it has any monitoring. What level of monitoring is on the alarm? Some, like Police Monitoring, can only be provided by approved companies such as Keybury.

Keybury often receives calls from people who have moved into a new home and inherited an old alarm that goes off and they cannot use. False alarms are another clue to an old system that hasn’t been checked in a while. Side-step this problem by booking a service with a local reliable home security company that you can trust. You can easily avoid this by enlisting a reputable local company. Keybury offer a cover package to new homeowners for peace of mind.

Still have questions about your home security? Book a free survey visit with the professionals at Keybury. They can answer your questions and design a home security system to you’re your needs. They can even provide a quote from plans if your home is at the development stage. Contact Keybury for more information or to book. Call 0800 458 7486