• Handpicked Harrogate

New Harrogate-Based Fashion Brand with a serious message

Yorkshire lad, Mr Luke Christian from Harrogate is breaking down barriers for deaf awareness through a new fashion brand: DEAF IDENTITY.

Luke wants to show that deafness has a wide spectrum. The range of ways which can be used to communicate exemplifies this. Sign Language (BSL, SSE, and ISL) or communicating orally. Deafness can also affect your life even if you are not deaf yourself, for example, being CODA (Child of deaf adult).

DEAF IDENTITY was founded in September 2019 and in a world where diversity is being celebrated and shown throughout various media outlets, Luke was not seeing any deaf awareness, so he has set out to change this.

Being born deaf into a deaf family where the deaf gene is prominent, he wanted to mix his love for fashion with raising awareness of deafness. Growing up, Luke never had a deaf role model to look up to in the media or a deaf group to identify with, and he always felt that his deafness was up for debate as people have so many assumptions about deafness.

'Well, you wear hearing aids so you're deaf.'

'Well you don't look deaf.'

'If you can't sign then you're not really deaf.'

'You're not that deaf because you can speak to me and have good speech.'

Luke wants to make it clear that there is no right or wrong way of being deaf and that it's time that deafness got recognised and spoken about.

DEAFIDENTITY.COM is an E-Commerce website that is all about personalisation. Customers are able to 'build their t-shirts' and personalise them in British Sign Language.