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Roses of Remembrance for Captain Sir Tom Moore

Reception children at Brackenfield School in Harrogate, have planted a rose garden in commemoration of their hero Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Throughout the Autumn term pupils at the leading independent school closely followed Captain Sir Tom’s journey, admiring his sheer determination and all-round positivity. In awe of the national treasure, the children used his inspirational quote ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’, as their daily mantra.

As Captain Sir Tom was such an important person to the class, pupils wanted to commemorate him by planting a rose bed in his name with specially chosen ‘Captain Tom’ red roses, a variety of the flower named in memory of the war veteran. As the children walk into school each day, they will watch the roses grow and remember their special ‘friend’, Captain Sir Tom and everything that he taught them.

Headmaster Joe Masterson commented, “Sir Captain Tom Moore has made a profound impact on the entire nation, including our young children at Brackenfield who were greatly inspired by his outlook on life. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed creating our new rose bed, providing a space for our entire school community to reflect and a fitting tribute to Sir Captain Tom.”

Founded in 1977, Brackenfield has been Harrogate’s Prep school for over 40 years, long enough for the school to witness the circle of life. Brackenfield School is now welcoming parents who were once pupils there themselves. Margie Sutcliffe, the founding Head, established a family ethos at the school that now lives on in perpetuity. More than anything else, children are happy and cared for; Brackenfield School is an extended family.

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