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Ten Top Tips for Using Aluminium Foil

Amazingly, aluminium foil can be used in more places than just the kitchen. Here are ten alternative uses for this common household item.

Replaces a Funnel

We’ve all needed to pour some liquid back into a jar after pouring too much. This can be tricky if you don’t have a funnel around. If you tear off some foil and form a home made funnel you can easily and quickly return that liquid to it’s rightful place.

Unwrinkles Clothes

If you place some aluminium foil under clothes while you iron them, it can help smoothen the surface and decrease your creases thanks to the effect of the foil reflecting the heat back through the fabric.

Sharpens Scissors

Next time you see your scissors seemingly reaching the end of their life, quickly grab some aluminium foil and gently cut into it 7-10 times. Your scissors will get cleaner and sharper ready for their next use. It’s easy!

Never Need To Clean Your Oven Tray

Next time you cook, just wrap your tray with aluminium foil. After cooking you can simply remove the foil and throw it in the trash, saving washing up time.

Helps You Move Furniture

If you don’t have the strength to move an entire piece of large furniture, try placing some aluminium foil underneath each leg allowing you to gently slide it across carpets or wooden floors. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work on stairs.

Clean a Glue Gun

With aluminium foil, you can easily clean the top of the glue gun by rubbing it on the glue tip. It should come right off, albeit a little crispy, but almost as good as new. It should be good to glue again in 15-20 minutes.

Remove Rust From Chrome

Next time you need to clean your chrome surfaces, just crunch some aluminium foil into a ball and scrub it on the surface. You’ll see it come off in no time! It’s as easy as pie.

Protect Your Door Knobs when painting

Wrap a little bit of foil around the knob and watch the foil catch the extra paint that might get in the way. Then, just take it off and throw it away.

Throw Out Your Cooking Grease

Next time you cook something greasy, collect the grease in aluminium foil and throw it in the bin. You’ll be preventing your pipes from clogging and an expensive visit from a plumber.

Remove Static from Clothes

With aluminium foil, you can place a small ball into your dryer along with your clothes and remove any static that might occur during the cycle. Once you try this, you’ll never be able to stop!