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The best sandwich fillings ever...

Whether packing to go or sharing with friends, the humble sarnie is one of the most diverse bites we'll eat. From the bread we use to the filling of choice, there's something for everyone. Here are our handpicked best-filling ideas.

Pickle Punch

Danish open-faced rye. Pickled red onions and cornichons cut through the creaminess of mayo and hard-boiled egg, while cooked beetroot adds a welcome sweetness. Try this sophisticated sandwich recipe, it's an absolute masterpiece. Get the recipe

In the Club

There’s nothing fancy about our ultimate club sandwich recipe, just good quality ingredients brought together in perfect quantities. This layered creation combines crispy bacon, chicken, avocado, mayonnaise, tomatoes and lettuce, plus its famous triple bread layer. Make this beauty when you’ve got a good hunger on! Get the recipe

It's all Falafel

Falafel pittas. This homemade falafel pitta recipe guides you through how to make falafel from scratch and what delicious ingredients to serve it with too like rocket and plain yogurt. Falafel can be sandwiched between all different types of bread. Get the recipe

Fruity Flare

Prosciutto, nectarine and thyme grilled cheese. Sarnies don’t have to be strictly savoury affairs. Here we pair thin slices of ripe nectarine with salty prosciutto and thyme grilled Cheddar and Gruyère cheese for a killer combination. You don’t have to use Cheddar and Gruyère, feel free to use any of your favourite cheeses. Get the recipe

Brunch Bun

Avocado and bacon. The 'Comforter' is packed with goodness to replenish the body with many of the essential nutrients you need to get yourself back on track after over-indulging the night before. Perfect for when you are feeling worse for wear, this wonderfully-filled sandwich can be ready in just 15 minutes. Get the recipe

It's a Wrap

Chicken satay lettuce. Looking for something different to chuck on the barbie? Try these delicious Thai-style wraps made with marinated chicken. Get the recipe

It's a Steak Out

Sirloin steak, anchovy fillets and grana padano combine to make the ultimate power sarnie in our steak caesar sandwich. THIS is how to do lunch properly! Get the recipe