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The Jordan Legacy

The Jordan Legacy CIC is a Harrogate based, registered, Community Interest Company. Founded by local businessman Steve Phillip, following the death of his son, Jordan, to suicide in December 2019, The Jordan Legacy’s vision is to achieve a desired state where deaths by suicide are rare events. Although this is a huge challenge and a big goal, Steve believes it is achievable through prioritised, focused, practical actions, including:

  • practical actions to make our communities and workplaces mentally healthy and psychologically safe places;

  • practical actions to use human intelligence and digital technology for earlier identification and intervention;

  • practical actions for suicide prevention such as 'designing out suicide' in our built environment, education systems, health systems, and support systems for those known to be at risk or in danger (including restricting access to the means of suicide - known to be the most effective practical action to save lives);

  • practical actions to encourage every hospital, university, council, employer, industry association, professional society, etc to make practical plans for suicide prevention within their spheres of influence.

Although the reasons why someone might choose to end their life can often be complex, the act of suicide is a practical one, which requires practical actions to prevent it from happening.

In less than 12 months, Steve has secured the support of experts in suicide prevention and mental health from around the globe and in January had more than 350 people register to attend an online event called #HopeForLifeUK Day 2021, a campaign to involve communities and businesses, who can make a personal pledge to help provide hope to someone struggling with their mental health, particularly during the current Coronavirus pandemic. The campaign will culminate in the #HopeForLifeUk Day conference, which will be held on December 4th 2021, the same date Jordan took his own life in 2019.

Central to The Jordan Legacy’s mission is its Zero Suicide Community strategy. By involving local communities and organisations, including schools, sports clubs, chambers of commerce and other organisations and groups, as well as the business community, Steve is aiming to encourage all-comers to become involved in a ground-up strategy to help prevent suicides.

Steve explained: “Since people heard about my story, I have received a huge outpouring of support from around the world and particularly here in my home town of Harrogate. During the past 12 months, I’ve often been asked ‘How can I help?’, the problem was initially, I didn’t know the answer to that question, as I wasn’t even sure what I was doing myself’

The Jordan Legacy’s Zero Suicide Community strategy now includes their ‘How Can I Help?’ menu, which is a list of possible activities someone or any business could undertake to help prevent suicides. This might include a 10K run to fundraise for a local mental health or suicide prevention charity or a business might decide to introduce a Zero Suicide training programme or strategy into their employee wellbeing programme - The Jordan Legacy has the in-house expertise to help support these kind of initiatives. Steve explains: “Case studies, from around the world, have proven that suicides can be prevented, when you directly involve the local community and empower them to implement their own Zero Suicide initiatives. This is not about us prescribing what they should do but helping people and business bring their Zero Suicide goals to life.”

If you would like to learn more about The Jordan Legacy CIC and how you can support Steve’s vision to move toward a Zero Suicide community, please visit https://thejordanlegacy.com/