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Time for something a little different

Bored of the usual offerings at teatime? You need our selection of handpicked recipes that switch things up and gives you something a little different.

Beef bulgogi

Beef bulgogi is a classic Korean recipe; strips of steak are marinated in a soy, sesame, garlic and ginger sauce before being flash fried with carrots and spring onions. This speedy 15 minute meal is perfect for a midweek treat or as part of a bigger feast with friends at the weekend. Get the recipe

Fish finger katsu curry

Fish fingers get a new lease of life with a Japanese twist – a mild and creamy katsu curry sauce, fluffy white rice and fresh green beans bring fragrance and flavour to the dinner table. Get the recipe

Prawns alla busara

This wonderful seafood dish is traditionally made with scampi. Langoustine would be closest, but large prawns work well. In this case don’t even think about shelling them before cooking – the joy is in sucking the juices out of the shells. Get the recipe

Indian-inspired naan pizzas

A marriage of international cuisines, this simple dinner takes the basis of Italian pizza and revitalises it with the flavours of India. Ready in just 25 minutes, it's a combination of takeaway classics for a Friday night dinner that's sure to deliver. Get the recipe

Pimped up South West American mac & cheese

Mac and Cheese may be the ultimate comfort food for some but this livened up, Southwest American twist with chipotle chilli, guacamole and tortilla chips paired with Cauldron Lincolnshire Sausages will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Get the recipe

Leftover pork banh mi

Leftover roast pork is put to good use in this incredibly moreish Vietnamese-style banh mi recipe. The pork is tossed in a sticky hoisin sauce and stuffed into a baguette with sweet pickles, cucumber and fresh herbs. Get the recipe