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Top Tips for Creating a Walk-In Wardrobe

Written by Sara Haggas, Hartleys

Walk-in wardrobes: a lavish luxury or a practical element that all can achieve? Many of us dream of having our own dressing room and walk-in wardrobe. But, did you know it might be easier than you think?

With a few simple considerations, you can create an impressive addition that not only maximises your space, but also adds value to your home. It means a more organised approach to getting dressed and no-one else is woken up whilst you’re rummaging around in your sock drawer! So, in this blog, we explore how you can use your space wisely, and create a space for your own walk-in wardrobe…

Convert your spare room

Perhaps you’ve got a guest room that is smaller than you’d like. Or maybe, it’s currently more akin to a dumping ground where no-one can remember the colour of the carpet! With a little work, this space can be transformed with built-in drawers and cupboards to home your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.

Multi-functional furniture could be useful if you wanted to make the space work harder as a dual-purpose room – such as dressing table with drawers, which could double as a desk. This type of specialist furniture is a great way of squeezing a dressing room into the smallest of spaces.

Maximise every space

Not got a spare room? Get creative with the spaces in your bedroom. You might think that alcoves are awkward, and it can be hard to find the right furniture to place in them. But they are the perfect space for fixing clothes rails and shelving. Show off your clothes by leaving them out in the open. Or, if you’re looking for something more private, hang a curtain or add rustic wooden doors to complete the look.

Divide your bedroom

Why not divide your room up with floor-to-ceiling wardrobes? Section parts of your room off (if it’s big enough) to create your own private changing area and separate space to store clothes. You might think that placing a wardrobe in the middle of your room would look strange but when expertly designed, you’ll have achieved a sleek, contemporary room which is practical too.

Think about furniture and fittings

As well as somewhere to hang your clothes, you’ll need a place to sit, try on shoes and simply relax. An ottoman can double up as a seat and storage. Mirrored furniture can also be used to make the room look bigger and sliding wardrobes are a stylish and practical space-saver. Lighting is also key – and where possible, try to use natural lighting. Don’t forget about sockets – you’ll want to dry your hair at your dressing table.

Assess your storage needs

Before making any design decisions, consider what and how much storage you’ll need. Assess your belongings carefully. Do you want to hang your clothes or fold them? How much rail space will you require? Do you need extra space for shoes, bags or accessories?

Transforming your space can be a big task so it’s useful to enlist the help of some experts. At Hartleys, we’d love to offer some guidance on how to utilise every space in your room and, with a free design visit, we can help bring your dreams to reality. Just give us a call on 01756 700471 or fill out our contact form today.