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Top Tips to use Aluminium Foil

Keep Your Breads Warm

Do you want to keep the oven-fresh warmth of your bread rolls for hours after they’re out the oven? Now you can. Before preparing for your picnic, simply wrap your toasted sandwiches in foil and keep them in the basket. They will stay warm for hours and you can enjoy your toasted cheese sandwich at lunch even if you made it at breakfast!

Catch Melting Ice-Cream

With aluminium foil, you can create a bib-type of barrier around the cone, making sure that any spillage will get caught along the way. Perfect for young children, keeping their hands clean and away from dribbles and drips of melting icecream.

Improve Your Radiator Efficiency

Tape some foil to cardboard and stick it near a heater. With the shiny side pointing towards the heat, it will bounce off it! This will spread warmth without raising costs each month.

Protect A Mattress

If you think that sleeping on foil might be uncomfortable, then you’re wrong. This trick can be particularly useful for parents with young children who still wet the bed. Just lay some down and cover it with a towel before putting the sheets over. it will make sure that any accidents won’t seep into the mattress. Then, just replace it all in the night if you need to.

Repel Insects

If you lay mulch on your garden beds, you’ll know how effective it can be at protecting plants from slugs and insects. These bugs can eat away at your cucumbers or other plants you grow, causing disastrous results. Next time you lay your mulch down, throw a little aluminium foil into the mix. Not only will it repel the insects, but it will add more sources of light for the plants to use and grow higher. Now sit back and see how much better your plants will be because of a little foil in their lives!

Help Your Pots Enjoy A Scrub

If you’ve run out of scrub pads, crumple up some aluminium foil and use it. The foil can be a perfect replacement when you need to wash and clean your pots and pans.

Incubate Your Seeds

If you want to give your seed-grown plants a head start in their lives, you might want to turn to some aluminium foil! When planting them, line a shoebox with foil, shiny side up, and allow two inches around the side. After poking several holes to drain at the bottom, watch how your foil will absorb more light and help the seeds blossom into some amazing plants! You won’t believe how much it can help.

Create Your Own Paint Palette

Next time you take up an art project at work, don’t bother investing in a paint palette. For keeping different paint samples together, just tear off some aluminium foil and squirt them on it. You can easily fold and tear the foil to direct the paint the way you want. Then, once you’ve completed your next masterpiece, simply throw it in the trash – no clean up required!

Line Your Roller Pans

Cleaning paint rollers can be a nuisance, which is why many of us buy disposable plastic liners or pans. However, most of us are unaware that a metal roller pan with some of our trusty aluminium foil can work just as well! It can also save you money! Just use a little foil as a pan next time you have a paint job and throw it away after. You’ll save a fortune.

Use As Photography Light

Do you ever dream of being an Instagram star? Most of us already have the camera we need to do this – we just use our phones! But what separates the amateurs from the experts? It’s amazing what a little lighting can do to our shots, but obviously, not everyone has access to high-end photography equipment. With aluminium foil, you can simply hang a bit of it up in your home and set your living room up like a catwalk!

Tighten Your Batteries

Sometimes, it’s not the batteries themselves that are causing your device to die. It might be that the springs are coming loose and causing your batteries to slip around and come undone. No need to fear! Just put some foil next to the batteries and they will reattach to the metal conductor needed to bring a current. Success!