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Veggies in Season in May

If you are keen to reduce the miles which your food travels before arriving in your basket, this list should prove very useful. All of these veggies come into season during May and with so many delicious options we are sure you will find some fabulous ways to cook them.

Pak choi This can be eaten raw, but it’s best lightly fried or steamed, so that the leaves are gently wilted but the stalk still retains some crunch. You could also stir-fry or griddle this robust veg until the leaves are charred in places.  The stem will often take
 longer to cook, so depending on your 
recipe or preference, you might want to remove the stalk 
from the leaf and cook them separately. Cucumber

It's for more than just salad. Cucumbers are delicious pickled and of course there is the well known cucumber sandwich. You can also cook cucumber and it is delicious roasted and stuffed with pork mince.

Lambs Lettuce

This has an earthy and subtle flavour, similar to spinach and is fabulous in a baguette with spiced pork. New potatoes Naturally slightly sweeter than fully grown potatoes, they taste great in salads or thinly sliced on a white pizza with cheese and rosemary. And surely no barbecue or garden party is complete without a big bowl of potato salad? If you dress the salad whilst the potatoes are warm, they will soak up more of the flavour.


Delicious steamed with butter, or check out last week's recipe for spaghetti with asparagus.

Broad Beans


A great base for so many recipes, from soups and stews to pies and even cakes. Grated carrot, peanut butter and some mayonnaise makes a quick and delicious salad too.


Delicious roasted with curry spices, made into soup or served as cauliflower cheese.


Delicious made into cordial, added to gin to flavour it, and elderflower cordial added to stewed rhubarb, perhaps in a crumble, is ambrosial.


From pea and mint soup to using the leaf tips in salads, this versatile veg is particularly delicious straight from the pod, sweet and scrumptious all by itself.


Not just for salad, radishes are delicious in a stir fry.


Pride of Yorkshire, delicious in crumbles, soda bread, as flavouring for gin, or as a cordial. Can you have too much of this delicious delicacy?


Delicious as a soup, served hot or cold and really peps up a salad too.