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How to turn those Christmas leftovers into a fabulous feast.

Many of us have left overs during Christmas: we make too much food to ensure people don't go hungry, or we buy enough to cater for the expected six people on Boxing Day and only two turn up because everyone else has a cold. So here are some ideas to make those leftovers into a fabulous feast.

Brussells Sprout Bubble and Squeak

Mash up left over sprouts with leftover mashed or roast potatoes, shape into cakes and coat with flour then fry them up to make a delicious meal. Great with baked beans, or salad, they also go well with left over meat. They freeze well so you could keep them for a week or two and then serve them with sausages for a quick but tasty winter meal.

This will work with other left over vegetables as well.

Leftover Carrots and Parsnips

Mash left over carrots and parsnips together with a little butter and some nutmeg to make a great tasting side dish. Brilliant served with left over meat and gravy or you can serve it with sausages. It's freezable too, so if you are sick of the sight of these veggies now, just mash them, freeze them and use them later.

Leftover Leeks and/or Brocoli and Cheese

Create the illegitimate offspring of Mac and Cheese, MacVeg Cheese.

Boil some pasta (doesn't need to be macaroni, any shape will do) Add the brocoli to the pasta pan when it has about 6 - 8 minutes to go before being ready if you are cooking it from fresh. The leeks go in a couple of minutes before (again if using uncooked leeks that are lurking in the fridge). If you are using previously cooked vegetables, add these to the cheese sauce near the end.

Make an easy cheesy sauce.

Milk (amount to suit your family size, about a quarter pint per person)

One tbsp cornflour per quarter pint milk (so much easier to manage than normal flour),


Black pepper.

Cheese of choice. Leftover or otherwise. Amount to taste. It's that sort of recipe.

Put the mustard and pepper in the milk and stir to combine. Heat the milk. Meanwhile, grate the cheese for the sauce. When it's just short of boiling, add the cornflour mixed with a little water and watch it thicken up nicely. Add the cheese and the left over cooked veggies and heat through. Tip; in the pasta (or pasta and veggies if you were cooking them with the pasta). Stir through and serve in large bowls to be eaten greedily.

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