• Handpicked Harrogate

Wearing our crowns with pride

As we kick off the royal celebrations and of course another long bank holiday weekend, we celebrate in style at Handpicked with our latest issue.

We have last-minute inspiration for your street party, where and how to enjoy the celebrations in Harrogate, as well as our regular columnist, The Aperitif Guy covering all things Jubilee. Don't miss his delicious recipe for the traditional Coronation Chicken.

There is plenty to read in our latest edition, including broadband that's better for the environment to planning for a week of success. Dancing Goat explores whether coffee art can actually make your coffee taste better and our spotlight on local art galleries highlights some fabulous talent right on our doorstep.

So, why not put your feet up, settle down with your drink of choice, click the link to get started.


Walking Funny on Tour

A Young Yorkshire comedian with a disability is preparing to make the nation laugh out loud with a new comedy show. Britain’s Got Talent Jack Carroll is all set for his new show ‘Walking Funny’ where he will be performing at 17 venues including theatres, arts centres and comedy clubs across the country. Jack is teaming up with fellow comedian and best friend Pete Selwood who will be on hand as the main support act for the tour.

Get your interiors ready for the Summer

It’s almost that time to swing those French doors open, fill your kitchen or lounge with that freshly cut grass smell, and revel in the sun (before it inevitably disappears within 30 seconds!) As unpredictable as our British summers can be, now more than ever, we need to capture these moments as often as we can this season.

What to do if your dog has separation anxiety when it's left alone

For more than a year, many adults have been working from home, kids have been home-schooled and social plans have been crossed off the calendar. While some dogs may enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with the return to some sort of normality, many could struggle.

Choosing the right make-up brushes

Have you ever looked at the sheer range of make-up brushes in the store and wondered how on earth to choose the right one? Having the right brushes is important and makes a huge difference to the final look of your make-up application.