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Wellbeing and Resilience Strategies to help you navigate through the next phase of change

If you are part of any organisation in any part of the world, I am sure you have been part of at least one discussion that talks about what would work life look like as we try to bring some more stability into our work settings? And although it will be a little naive of us to categorise it as a post COVID world (Since COVID is in no hurry to leave us alone!), the fact is that many organisations are looking at the next few months as a time to make some more permanent changes into work culture.

Despite the pain, loss and instability we all have endured through the past 15 months, the fact is that we all have also realised what an amazing disruption the pandemic has been for work-life for some of us.

15 months on, each organisation no matter the industry, size or location is now rethinking their people strategies around this new ‘hybrid’ working style. According to me, one of the biggest upsides of the pandemic has been the mindset shift around ‘productivity and output’ based performance matrix rather than a ‘clock in at the office at 8am’ based performance matrix. That has definitely been an eye-opening experience for many organisations across the board.

Saying that I am also very aware that the pandemic has affected each community and each of us differently and that probably you and me are in a very privileged position to be even thinking about the upsides of the pandemic. All we can do is try and share the benefits that have come out of the ‘working from home’ settings with communities that are disproportionately impacted by this global pandemic.

While most companies are focusing on "how to get their people back to work," some are rethinking the problem, "how to make sure our best talent can work from anywhere". As always people, their wellbeing and their growth are and will continue to remain at the heart of any organisation.

The key to remember is that different people need a different approach and your hybrid strategy should reflect on individual needs rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This can be difficult to put into practice if not done right and that is exactly why we have put together our top six tips to keep in mind while planning and implementing your people and wellbeing strategy.

Implementing these ideas will help you achieve your aim of making your workplace a happy and thriving space to be in, no matter your company size or industry.

  • Take it from the top- Make sure that messaging around your strategy is consistent and regular across the board.

  • Value Feedback- Record, listen understand and include your staff's feedback to reassure your staff that you genuinely care.

  • Keep it simple- Think of how you can share key messages of the strategy in a fun, engaging, simple way.

  • Small steps, big results- Instead of rolling out 5 elements of the strategy together, can you focus on just one at a time?

  • Invite Collaboration- Invite volunteers to support you with planning a wellbeing event, share the responsibility to make it more inclusive.

  • Review- Block time out to periodically review your strategies and implementation

We hope that at least one of these strategies resonates with you. Understanding and acknowledging your people’s expectations and constantly communicating your plans for them can go a long way to building a safe and sustainable work culture.

If you prefer to download the guide as a PDF document then please click HERE

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