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Why you need to blog

Written by Zach Greaves - Artus Digital

You have probably heard that you should be writing a blog for your business. But why is this? After all, writing quality copy is time-consuming, and you have bigger fish to fry... don’t you?!

Well, the reality is that having a static web presence in 2019 is simply not enough. You need to keep your business’ website relevant and competitive, by publishing regular written content.

There are many different ways blogging can help your business to achieve its goals - from climbing search engine rankings to building client confidence. However, fundamentally, quality content will raise your business’ online profile and help you to sell more.

Despite this, content writing is often side-lined whilst other work takes priority. It is understandable why this happens: writing your first few articles can feel daunting; you may not know where to start or how to make the right impression. This may lead you to avoid or delay writing your blog - or to simply abandon the idea altogether. However, once you have found your own style of writing, the process invariably speeds up, and becomes less of a chore.

But first you need to know how to write content to a winning formula.

Great content is completely tailored to your own business and its customers. If your business could speak, what would it sound like? What would your customers like to read about? Your blog may provide information around a particular topic or issue, and if written well, it should...

Be Engaging - If people are to read your article, it needs to grab and hold their attention. Posing a question or making a promise to the reader in the title is a good way to draw people in. Follow this through with snappy subheadings and concise paragraphs.

Be Accessible - In terms of style, you're not writing an essay - meet your audience at the right level in your use of language and don't waffle! Stick to the point and ensure you proofread and prune before you post! Avoid the use of jargon and write clearly and incisively.

Tell a Story - Take the reader on a journey, and build a story around your chosen topic.

Avoid Advertising - Blatantly blowing your business' own trumpet rarely works from an online marketing point of view. Instead, people value content that is of genuine interest or knowledge-based. This gives your business credibility as a reliable source of information.

Be topical - Where possible, latch on to a relevant story in the news to make your content 'of the moment'. You may be able to approach a story at an angle that hasn't yet been explored. Either way, make sure your content is written with current affairs in mind.

Optimise for SEO – Choose your keywords wisely and intersperse throughout your blog. Software is available to help you to optimise your blog effectively.

Check and check again – Proofread your copy the day after writing it, and then get another pair of eyes to read it if possible. Don’t let spelling and grammar let your business down.

Ultimately, if you get it right, blogging can be of great value to your business – and it can be great fun too! By following the above tips, you should be able to write a blog that creates interest and insight, whilst helping your business to improve its online profile. You may find it time-consuming at first, but all will click into place when you find your own style of writing - so stick at it!

Don’t let your business fall behind this year. Instead, remain relevant and competitive by feeding your website with the right words – in the right order.